I watched ABC 20/20’s show on weddings that aired Friday January 18th. I was happy to see Wedding MBA get some exposure. And their clip of Wedding MBA was using one of Chris Evan’s sales seminar. However they were showing it to try to show how wedding professionals are trained to exploit the bride. Fortunately, that ridiculous slant on sales training was refuted well by Chris when he was interviewed.

The segment showed wedding disasters, groomzilla’s, and engagement frauds like a bride who pretended to be dying from cancer to hook her groom. They accused the industry of having higher prices just because it’s a wedding and proved proof by having 2 people call the same company for the same date for a wedding and a party, and get different prices. And they discussed how wedding businesses might look at the type of car that a bride drives to see how much money they can overcharge her.

The show could have been more tastefully done and fairer if they also brought in people reflect the greatness of our industry rather than interviewing controversial people like Denise and Alan Fields, author of “Bridal Bargains” who support one of the underlying themes of the show that brides need to be aware of being duped every where they go.

Fortunately, our industry has many influencers that create a truer picture and the show will be dismissed as the piece of tabloid journalism it was.