1. Live Streaming: Live streaming for weddings is not just for royalty. Many modern couples are utilizing live streaming technology so that all of their friends and family can attend their wedding virtually. Wedding professionals must realize that they have to keep up with the wants and needs of marrying couples and the use of modern technology and trendiness are some of their top demands. Venues and vendors around the globe are beginning to offer live streaming for weddings because virtual guests are at the heart of the future of wedding planning. This technology is perfect for destination weddings or families who need the Internet to keep connected. Wedding venues, caterers, and videographers are especially taking action. They are starting to offer live streaming to stay competitive in the modern wedding market. Are you?7 Wedding Planning Ideas Livestream Wedding
  2. Virtual Meetings: In the United Stated, most brides are working women who have to plan their wedding around their busy schedule. In many cases, they are not able to travel to meet their planner and vendors in order to plan every detail perfectly. Today, there are a variety of virtual meeting service providers that allow wedding professionals to meet and plan each wedding virtually. Now you can easily meet with busy brides from the comfort of your home, office, or the neighborhood café. You can see the face of the people you are speaking to, which offers a personal connection in a way that emails and phone calls cannot.
  3. Wedding Planning Apps: Apps are the way of the future. We all enjoy them and wonder how we lived without them on a daily basis. Yet, they help us in ways that were unimaginable not so long ago. Today, whatever task you need to accomplish, there’s probably an app for that. Now there is even an app that can assist you with keeping the stress levels of the bride down by offering a complete collaborative wedding planning community, where she can communicate all the details to everyone involved in the wedding planning on one platform. According to The Knot and Mashable’s 2012 social media survey, 61% of brides download wedding planning apps and today, there are more sophisticated apps like Plan The Day emerging on the market. This collaborative wedding planning tool is perfect for planners, vital for vendors, and brilliant for brides. As a wedding professional, you can manage multiple weddings and events from one convenient interface. Brides can invite their friends and family to help plan every detail of their wedding and give them confidence in you as a wedding professional. Plan The Day offers shared tasks and timelines, and you can even get notifications when a task is due or an event needs your attention. You can manage multiple weddings and events from one interface, send e-proposals, and accept payment online. Plan The Day also offers targeted warm leads from brides looking for your services and can help you manage contacts from clients to contracts. Sign up for early access to Plan The Day and tell your brides about it. Plan The Day’s web-based wedding planning app can give your wedding business that cutting edge without the need to download.wedding-essential-blog
  4.  Pinterest: According to Splendid Insights, Pinterest is the most popular social platform for wedding planning. In fact, 1 in 3 brides are using Pinterest to plan every details of their wedding. 1 in 5 brides share boards with vendors and 2 in 5 share boards with their wedding party and family members according to The Knot and Mashable’s social wedding survey. Plan The Day’s wedding planning app works in a similar way for both the fun and functional sides of the wedding planning process. Many brides pin all the things they desire for their dream wedding. If that pin links to your website and social networks, then it also equals a new links to your wedding business. These links produce an increase in traffic from brides who find your products, services, and brand personality interesting. Wedding professionals can also collaborate with other wedding professional as well as brides so that they can inspire each other. Brides who collaborate on boards with their vendors can simply pin all the things they desire on their wedding board and give you as a wedding professional a clear picture of their vision.7 Modern Wedding Planning Ideas 4
  5.  Social Media Habits: According to The Knot and Mashable, 77% of brides become fans of wedding brands. 49% of brides keep in touch with vendors on Facebook while19% stay in contact using Pinterest. Modern brides like to use digital invites and they share their wedding photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Wedding hashtags are also becoming a popular trend. This is a great way for couples to see their wedding from the eyes of their family and friends, not just the photographer. From liking and pinning to hashtagging, weddings are simply becoming a much more “social” event. Brides are embracing more digital habits and they are seeking wedding professionals who are doing the same.


By Nathalie Smith of Sweetly Social, on behalf of Plan the Day.