I was at a BJ’s wholesale club today waiting in line and a pregnant woman with all perishable items was in line in back of me. She went into her purse to get her membership card and realized she had forgotten her wallet. She tried to get assistance and see if they would take a credit card her husband gave her over the phone. Without causing a scene she walked off the line to leave the store. I called her back and told her I would pay for her groceries and she can mail me a check ($135). I just put myself in her shoes and the frustration I would feel. I could not walk away from the opportunity to make a difference. She was so grateful and told me she was seconds from bursting into tears. We walked to my car and I gave her my business card to inform her where to send the check. I called her cell phone number to store a contact number for her and got her husband’s business web site, which she showed me on her cell phone. I had to take the risk to make a difference. Would you?

Here is a risk I am taking that is no risk to you. You can download my books “The Wedding Expert’s Guide To Sales and Marketing and “The Invitation Business Report” which I previously sold for $125 right here on this blog. My risk is that you read my books and believe enough in my expertise to want me to help you in the future? Your risk? Taking the time to read it. And let me know if me giving away the books is another random act of kindness or stupidity?

And P.S. – I received the check and a card with a sentiment I will cherish as a validation to my trust in people.