Looking for another outlet for your business? Facebook and Twitter advertising just not cutting it? There may be future brides and grooms looking elsewhere for their vendors, such as site targeted directly to their demographic. One of these sites is called WeddingMuseum.com, a site geared specifically towards couples looking to get married.

If there is one thing to know about WeddingMuseum, it’s this: This site is not just for businesses. Yes, it is a great place to advertise for your business, but there are also a few nice features for previously married couples and marriage hopefuls. Being familiar with these features may help you in deciding if this is a place for your business to be or not.

First, there is a Wedding Spreadsheet Tools tab for couple planning out certain aspects of their big day such as a Guest List, Budget Calculator, and Vendor Contact List forms. These are made on Google Docs so they are easy to add to and save automatically on Google Drive (If you would like to learn more about Google Drive, feel free to peruse a piece I contributed to  with Brian Lawrence, founder of SelltheBride.com, written for BookMoreBrides.com).

For couples looking for something to dance to on their big day but have no idea what music is appropriate for which situation, there is a Wedding Song Lists tab that organizes songs by category, such as Bouquet Toss, Cake Cutting, Grand Entrance, and so on so couples can easily decide what works for them. Songs NOT To Play is even its own category. Each song in this list even has a reason why it has been deemed inappropriate, ranging from ‘About death’ to ‘Song meaning.’

Under the Local Vendors tab is where your business will directly benefit the most. Here is where clients can look for vendors by state. This is where businesses can be seen by future bride and grooms. There is a banner ad that appears with a link to put your business on the site. The cost to advertise on the site is free, but a premium plan is just a mere $3/month. It includes a personalized vendor page, thumbnail of your business’s homepage, and it will be placed above those who opt for the free version. For that price (free or $3), it would be silly not to give this site a chance. You never know how your next client is going to find your business.