I am surprised how many invitation businesses (mostly home based) do not accept credit cards. It is easier than ever to do. For a business that has any intention of selling online it is mandatory.

Accepting credit cards (and promoting that you do so) is a sign of credibility and reputability for any legitimate business. It is a comfort zone to the consumer that they have some sort of protection against unanticipated negative occurrences such as in the event of a problem. It gives them security that they have recourse if the retailer is not willing to stand behind the problem or not deliver product and retaining payment. In our business that is as rare as a blue moon.

Most importantly from a retailer’s perspective, it is easier for a consumer to pay more for something they know they can pay for later. So if you want to sell invitations at a higher price point, this is indeed a pathway to help that happen.

The small amount of profit you forfeit from the sale (2-4% average) will easily be replenished by the higher average sale. You can advance sell an expensive invitation and put the customer on a monthly payment plan where their card is automatically billed an incremental affordable charge.

My personal experience with one such credit card provider has been very favorable and wanted to share that resource. Although they are located in New Jersey, they serve accounts nationwide. The owner, Joseph Glass is very business savvy, communicative and supportive.

His web site is here.