Before the Internet, there were very few individuals who took a leadership role in providing education on sales and marketing. A few people like myself wrote books and did occasional seminars. Now there are too many to keep track of and most are re-purposing information they learned somewhere else or do not share information that has substance. Thus wedding professionals have to make choices on who they will trust their ears, eyes and minds to in their thirst for answers to improve their business because time is precious.

Christine Dyer Bridal Tweet

Christine Dyer

I have read the information disseminated by Christine Dyer from Bridal Tweet for the last 3 years and could tell immediately that she was not just another wedding professional sharing information with a limited scope. My immediate perception was that she came from a corporate background where she had a major role in marketing and was channeling her experience and expertise from a broader market for the purpose of making a difference in the wedding industry.

My hunch was validated as I found out she was in charge of Social Media for American Express and left her career to start a family. In the short few years with Bridal Tweet, she has become the most influential wedding entity on Twitter in the country and has a community of over 12,500 wedding professionals that she attracted from her genius. Please understand she does not do seminars nationally, have a wedding magazine or website that easily attracts businesses to sign up. She created this community from nothing but her understanding of the internet, social media and the value Bridal Tweet offers.

Bridal Tweet

The fortunate thing is she continues to share valuable information on social media, SEO, web design and many other platforms of marketing through articles, blogposts, social media and videos from her own experience and implementation, in a very clear, concise, actionable format. She also carefully selects sage advice from industry experts. The end result is she continues to empower wedding businesses to take highly implementable and effective steps to learn and improve their business. Her latest videos are so spot on. The free information she gives here is stronger than most of the information you would have to pay for. You can download them by clicking here.