You do not have to create the need for your service in the wedding industry. Brides buy within a finite period of time. Thus, wedding businesses do not face the challenges many other industries of indefinite procrastination suffer.

For many wedding services, the sales process can take hours, during which time rapport is created. Many couples will not show their true feelings if, at your meeting’s end, they know you are not the right vendor for them. Other times you could be the right vendor, but your the sales process can determine if that opportunity materializes into business.

Not asking the bride and groom if they would like to finalize the sale is the worst mistake in the sales process of a wedding business. Fortunately, you do not always have to ask. Brides may say, “What type of deposit do you require?” However, you should not rely on  such an occurrence happening very frequently.

Remember: the bridal decision-making is an emotional process. The best opportunity to close a sale is when an emotional connection is made because the bride loves what she sees and likes you. Many wedding professionals can sense this. Sometimes they feel so confident in the emotional connection that they believe the bride will do business with them even if the she does not leave a deposit during the first meeting.

This fatal mistake can often kill a sale. Brides go home, sleep, work the next day, and get back to their lives. Your rapport dwindles rapidly. If she return to do business with you, it is no longer based on that impulsive excitement you should capitalize on during the first meeting. If you do not capitalize on it, you have given your competitor a chance to seize the same opportunity.