co-authored by Theodora Kimmel

For so many wedding professionals, weddings are an oasis of creative expression. The wedding profession is a place not only for bringing to life the passion of a couple for all to celebrate. It is also an outlet for meaningful artistry, and a way to channel one’s passion of bringing beauty and splendor into the world. The inspiration of this glorious day is something both the couple and wedding professional share.

For some wedding professionals, the pull to the profession is also spiritual. The celebration of this special union between two people can ring out like a deep vocational call to some. This is where the Ceremony Officiant becomes an option for those looking to channel that purpose.

Officiating Ceremonies can be an economically viable and personally rewarding choice. It can also help generate more revenue for your current wedding business. One example of this is Cape Cod Business owner Cyndi Swan. With both an invitation and officiate business, she has combined both her creative and spiritual passions into a profitable profession.

Weddings For A Living has done a nice job of sharing some basics on how to go about exploring this profession.