We just completed a revamp of my wife’s website, Your Party Expert. As many of you know by now my company, Local Traffic Builder, specializes in web design, enhancement and marketing for the wedding, event and stationery industry. As we would do with any client, we tailor our work to the personality and character of the business and it’s owner. With my wife Stacy, we tried to do it with a sense of humor while still maintaining elegance and class. Certainly, this approach fits her and may not be right for you. However, there are some features to this site that I think are worth noting that might be helpful to you and for you to consider adding to your web site.

1) A section that allows a customer to make an appointment.

2) A section that links to reviews on the business and includes links to articles my wife wrote on her blog. These features help build credibility.

3) A page that a customer can update themselves with monthly specials.

4) Creating a real online shopping experience using co-branded manufacturer web sites by showing select images and then linking to the exact image on the co-branded site.

5) A contact us page that links to Google Maps where a customer can get directions

6) The site was designed to be mobile ready, meaning that it can be seen on cell phones and has a built-in detection to sense whether the web user is using a cell phone or computer and will deliver a simpler page for cell phone users to see.

My wife likes to be in control but to her credit she trusted us to use our industry knowledge to give her a site that will help her business. She has enough to contend with, running her own business and trying to manage me.