Here is our very first review for an event management program listed on our Wedding Industry Resource Directory. We would like to introduce you to Cvent.

If you’ve tried looking around at event management software, we’re sure you’ve found the task a little bit daunting.  With all the different online event management programs out there that boast so many strengths, choosing the right one for your wedding business can feel futile! Like trying to hack through the trees and the vines of a jungle with a plastic fork.

Well, I’m here to hand you a big ol’ machete. No monkeying around here, despite what the picture might indicate. Cvent has an awesome number of great features. The Event Registration feature will help with the details of any event. Your attendees can be the ones to enter their own information right into the event logistics. This saves your business time and money that would have been used on registrants manually filling in their information with pen and paper. Plus, if there is an event that happens multiple times, cloning said event is easier than cake. (Not that cake is easy, sorry cake designers! Just an expression!)

For events that are in far-off locations (congrats that your business has spread far and wide), there are two features of Cvent that will help you out. They are the Destination Guide and Supplier Network. Both of these combine to take away any worries you have about, for example, booking a venue cross-country, and finding a caterer in that location. What’s even better is that you can also use these tools to easily and quickly compare venues and vendors without leaving Cvent. The Supplier Network houses contact information for vendors that fit the needs of a wide assortment of businesses, even the occasional planner.

If you are on the go like many of us are, Cvent even has a mobile app development program to use called CrowdCompass. There are no two identical events so there should not be two identical event apps. CrowdCompass is a way to make your own app specific to your event. It walks you through the steps to cater your app to your needs. You can even get real-time feedback and metrics from the app during the event to see how things are going. Awesome, right?

The prices for both Cvent and CrowdCompass are not listed at this time. It requires one quick step on your part. You just have to fill out a short form to request their pricing options. I recommend at least leaving them your information and seeing for yourself if the value of both programs are worth the investment for your business. Judging by all of the fabulous features, it should be worth it.

co-authored by Theodora Kimmel