We all understand how powerful word of mouth is and that a referred customer is more likely to end up doing business with you. Additionally, most will buy from you without comparison shopping. The main reason: trust was established at the start.

Public Relations is a proactive art, one where you must create word of mouth about your business. If you are written about editorially or are published in a magazine, blog, or newspaper, that subconsciously implies endorsement to readers by a reputable source. In a sales situation, this will often give the client the same level of respect and trust they would feel if a satisfied customer recommended you.

When looking at a special bridal or party sections of your local newspaper–possibly published several times a year–you often see syndicated articles that are not written by staff journalists. Instead ¬†they are purchased from a newswire that specializes in providing category specific content to fill a section in a newspaper that doesn’t have the editorial staff to cover the topic without research.

Sometimes you will see articles compiled of excerpts from interviews of different local professionals written by a staff journalist. There is no reason why you can’t be a local resource.

Reach out to editors of special sections and let them know you are have expertise in your field of specialization. Better yet, prepare an article that demonstrates your knowledge and is filled with educational content that would benefit potential customers. Most publications will at least allow you to reveal who you are and the name and location of your business if published

And this is only one of numerous ways a local retailer can work on getting PR. For more ideas, download The Invitation Business Report e-book available at www.localtrafficbuilder.com/invitationmanual