Some wedding professionals run a retail store so these tips are especially important for your type of business. However, all categories can benefit from concentrating on display ideas. When there is too much attentiveness on your website, blog and Facebook, you begin to lose site in the importance of your stores display. Even in your BrideLive web conferences make sure that besides your own appearance, anything viewable in the background is neat and attractive.

We all aspire to offer quality products and services. Yet, how you exhibit and romanticize is often what makes a sale. So here are a few helpful tips on store and office display:

  • There’s only one thing you should see in a display window – the merchandise. Fixtures should not overpower the merchandise; the merchandise is the power.
  • An effective display should capture a shoppers’ attention from a distance. Its success is measured by how it looks when you’re 12 feet away, not three.
  • Pair old and new merchandise so everything has a fresh and eclectic style.
  • Mix a variation of price points in each display and take an inspiration board approach by showing imagery (compliment accessories and colors).
  • Remove favors, gifts or accessories from their original packages or repackage old merchandise with more attractive materials for a new look.
  • Use simple, consistent and professional signs. Signs should be straightforward: 25 words or less.
  • Learn the basics of layout, balance, proportion, style and composition by looking at different store displays.
  • Change your window display bi-monthly. The perception is that something new in a display or in the window means something is new in the store!
  • Add merchandise to your displays daily.
  • You’re doing a good job if customers are buying items from the window so make sure you build touchable displays!

At bridal shows make your displays diverse with aspects that are noticeable from afar so brides can appreciate them up-close. Incorporate virtual displays in store and in the window that you can bring to shows. Things with movement attract attention and appeal to the eye. For example a large stuffed animal dressed up in a gown or tuxedo that mechanically moves helps draw attention. Displays that appeal to the senses create comfort with the customer, which can contribute to the closing the sale.