Many successful invitation retailers do not give personalized holiday cards the attention worthy of its potential. In no other stationery category is such a large segment of the population a potential customer in such a finite period of time.

Personal holiday card buying is a reflection of the taste level and budgetary constraints for individuals. Some consumers just enjoy going sending out a beautiful holiday card and are willing to spend the money.

In the corporate market, sending out a holiday card is a subtle marketing message. There can be a return on their investment. A distinctive card will be looked at more carefully and the recipient is more likely to take notice of who sent it.

Carrying holiday cards that are not available in mail order catalogs and promoting that you offer holiday cards that are less likely to be unique can be a strong selling point to companies that pride themselves in differentiation.

Ask existing social invitation customers where they work, if their company sends out holiday cards and the contact person if they do. The best part of holiday card selling is the likely prognosis of receipt business. Also large companies will send out thousands of cards but maintaining a full margin is difficult as buyers try to get the best value from their vendors for such a large purchase.

Starting promotion to the corporate market early in the summer can yield results as most companies will still be in the market. Although decisions are often not made until late summer and fall.