All too often Wedding Professionals settle on free website platforms for their online marketing. The result is lackluster templates that appeal to no one. That can mean fatal implications for the success of your wedding business. Your website will always need the same thing that couples want for their wedding day: to be special and unique.

Couples are compelled by their dreams of a memorable and one-of-kind wedding. Everything that underlies that dream is the feeling of “this day is mine.” When planning their wedding, couples are naturally drawn to differentiation. It speaks to that inner part of them that longs for their wedding day to be special and different.

What you do with your website will show them how you can make that a vision a reality. If your website looks like a mass-produced template, you won’t connect with couples at this level. That means you’ve cost your business it’s first opportunity to show couples that you are aligned with them.

So even if you saved money with a free website platform, if you don’t have a website that shows couples that you value their desire to be different, then your business loses value, and you end up losing money. Period. That’s the danger of the free website.

One such popular free platform you might consider avoiding is Wix. Brenda Cadman of Bon Accord Creative, provider of website design for Wedding, Beauty and Wellness Professionals, feels every business professional should stay away from using this platform (and any free platform) for their websites.

Need more convincing? Brenda spells it out in her article, “7 Reasons You Should Not Use Wix for Your Website.” Free can be a good thing, but at what cost?

Photo Credit: “Blogging: Business, Pleasure, Death Sentence?” by Tim Berry from Small Business Trends