If you are a seasoned wedding professional, or new to this business, taking stock, or developing an affiliate marketing game plan is a great way to make the most of your online presence. Affiliate marketing is when you offer some of your business’s free space, typically on a website or blog, for advertisements of other businesses. You can offer this space through special affiliate links, typically embedded within an attention-grabbing picture produced by the other business, or sometimes stated outright, like in blogs or articles.

If someone visiting your site clicks on this affiliate link, and makes a purchase for a product or service of this other service, then you make some of that money. Affiliate marketing can equal some substantial and long-standing income if you do it right. You can find some good opportunities to market wedding related products on the affiliate networks www.shareasale.com and www.commissionjunction.com. Signing up for affiliate programs on these sites are free. 

If you want to learn more of the specifics, here is a great  video, by expert Matt Carter, which helps it explain it in-depth, incorporating quality audio-visual components so that you can really commit it to memory. In the traditional “For Dummies” style, this video introduces you to all the basics of affiliate marketing so that you know you are doing it right, dummy or not.

Affiliate marketing is a natural fit for any wedding business, especially considering that so many products and services are purchased for the celebration and the search part of the planning. If a couple-to-be comes and visits your site, and you have affiliate businesses with products or services to offer them that you do not, you have made their search easier. It is also easier for you to generate more affiliate-based revenue because your site visitors are typically already looking for other related products or services for their wedding day. Consider affiliate marketing an extension of utilizing vendor relationships to build your business. It is like the cyber-based version.

One of the most important things, however, when it comes to seeing income from affiliate marketing, and to encourage other businesses to advertise with you, is focus on developing your Internet audience across as many fronts as possible. This includes a quality blog, an impactful website, and an outstanding social media campaign. This is time-consuming, and requires a substantial amount of strategy, to be truly effective, but it is certainly worth it.


We have a great company from our Resource Directory that can help support your business’s affiliate marketing with their social media expertise, blogging work, and overall online success. This company, the Bridal Marketing Group, can work with you to build your company’s online presence, which is the key to landing a successful, enduring means of generating affiliate revenue. For example If your facebook page has 10,000 likes, that translates powerfully to other businesses who may want to advertise through you.

Making your advertising space more valuable with the assistance of knowledge resources like the Bridal Marketing Group does your affiliate opportunities a real solid, and can work two-fold. The more popular your business, the more likely other businesses will want to offer your business affiliate space on their websites. So get on the bandwagon and go for a ride, as affiliate marketing can really take your business places.