Makeovers are always a blast. It means bettering yourself, getting a fresh start, and ridding your life of unnecessary stress. You can make over your living room, your wardrobe, but what about your company website? Now that can get a makeover as well!

The means of makeover here is called Wedding Quick Quote. They tote two key features to increase your business’s visibility. The two main benefits from WQQ are as follows: You get what is called a Wedding Vanity Site and you become part of WQQ’s E-Channel Marketing Program. What do these mean for you? The Wedding Vanity Site you receive from WQQ is specifically designed for your needs and includes meta tags to maximize your SEO. There are sample websites that have satisfied previous clients for you to peruse and get an idea of what their work is like. They also create a custom URL for your webpage.

It is an interactive, online reply application.  Consider it a magnet, a hook,(no shopper can resist getting quote), and the only call to action RFP that can measure marketing ROI, expedite the follow-up process, and optimized the user’s experience.  The Wedding QuickQuote is the solution to the most common complaint from a potential client, poor response time.   The WQQ will increase your leads, booking and revenue.

The E-Channel Marketing Program mentioned includes your ad being placed around the Internet on relevant sites, emagazine sites made for brides and other traditional wedding products and services websites just as examples. So let’s recap: You get a custom-made website with proper tags for SEO and you get included advertising on relevant sites in the industry? Yes, please!

If that is not enough, there are also a few success stories on WQQ’s site that showcase a couple clients, including how much their revenue increased after taking the plunge and the fact that they all renewed their subscription to WQQ’s services for the next year. There may only be a couple reviews on the site, but they are powerful because they use actual figures to show the reader their success instead of just saying “Use WQQ, please” outright.
As for a price tag, there are no prices listed on the site. Their contact information is easily accessible, so any questions about quotes can be sent to them. If you’re looking to hit refresh on your website, then Wedding Quick Quote may be of use to you.