Understanding the general sequence of the wedding planning ladder is a very important component of a business’s growth. If you network effectively with businesses that are an earlier rung on that ladder, you can enjoy new business that is referred to you. You do not have to advertise or market to receive it. How do you network effectively?

Do more than exchange business cards

See if a vendor will share their leads with you or write an introduction email to acquaint their new clients with your business.  Think about how your services can offer more value to theirs. For example, if you are a photographer who wants to network with a jeweler who specializes in selling engagement rings, offer their clients a free engagement photo for the store to give its clients after purchasing the ring.

Get Noticed By Vendors

Sometimes, it is  challenging to contact vendors that don’t know you. Here are two wonderful ways to get noticed by other vendors:

  1. Send thank you cards expressing your gratitude that they did a great job for your clients.
  2. Write a review of the vendor on platforms like Wedding Wire and the Knot.

Develop An Alliance With A Competitor

If you are frequently booked when a potential client calls you for a specific date, having a reciprocal arrangement with a trusted competitor can  benefit all parties. You each get additional bookings rather than the customer having to call someone else and the couple also gets a trusted resource.

Networking is a relevant marketing method that helps businesses grow  and technology will not change that.