Google Adwords is a viable tool and can launch your company to the top of Google’s search engine results–but you have to pay to play. The cost of one click to your website from Google Adwords can be $3 or more. For a local wedding professional, that cost can be prohibitive.

However, you can stop and start advertising on a moment’s notice. Here are a few scenarios, where it may pay to consider this marketing tool.

  • You just launched a new website. It can take time for Google to index your site and establish a good, organic ranking for the keywords you want to rank for.
  • The time of the year when bookings are the heaviest and you want to capitalize on the strong interest.
  • The time of the year when bookings are the lightest and you want to take action that gives you any chance to book wedding customers.

This article shares with you some basic tips on how to make Google Adwords work for you, and why your current advertising may not be working.