The recent release of Apple’s iOS 6 software for iPhones and iPads has been received with excitement for many, but for others it has caused big issues with one of the most integral feature of smartphones: Google Maps. With the new iOS 6 Software, Apple has completely eliminated the Google Maps app with the own new version of maps software. And while the new maps app boasts impressive birds-eye flyover views, users have been complaining about it’s extreme inaccuracies with mapping and navigation data – causing them to end up on the opposite side of an unfamiliar city or even showing local business as being located on bridges and rivers.

iOS MapsApple’s new software update also poses a big problem for local businesses that have relied on Google Places for increasing their local search visibility with mobile users. While their Google Places listings are still accessible on desktops and non-iOS 6 devices, some business owners have found that their businesses are completely nonexistent or are listed under inaccurate categories with the new iOS 6 maps feature.

The reason for this is because instead of pulling local business data from Google Places, the new Apple mapping feature is instead using Yelp as their main source for local information along with other local search data sites. And while Yelp is a widely-used feature for many searching for restaurants, shopping, and other local businesses, Google Maps typically received most of the market share up to this point. However, the new Yelp integration with iOS 6 maps feature is set to be a game changer. As more users upgrade to iOS 6, you want to make sure that your business information is available to anyone using a mobile device—not just those with Google Maps.

So how can you do that? The first step is to make sure your business has a claimed and optimized a Yelp listing that has accurate information. Because the iOS 6 maps app also incorporates customer reviews from Yelp, you’ll also want to make sure to carefully monitor your reviews and even ask your happy customers to leave their feedback if your current reviews are lackluster.  Next, you’ll want to make sure that your business information is consistent across a variety of other directory listing sites, which is equally important for creating better visibility for your Google Places and Yelp listings.

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