If you thought this article would tell you how to get more bookings this summer, it won’t. In addition we all know that unless you are among the last rungs on the planning ladder, you are finished booking weddings for the summer. So why did I pick this title?

The answer is for many wedding businesses across the country, January through April are the busiest months for booking weddings. However, to be in the position to increase your bookings from previous years, the slower summer months are the best time to start your strategic planning and marketing efforts that take time to percolate and reach their zenith in time for the busy season.

With less weddings taking place and working with less new customers, it can be a better time to focus on big picture thinking and growth. Consider making a commitment to doing just that right after a vacation where you had the chance to really recharge and bring out your creativity.

Examples of Marketing Strategies That Take Time

  1. Redesigning your website now would be ideal for maximum results months later. It takes time for the progressive improvement in search engine visibility to take place when the right strategies are incorporated like quality link building as well as improving your ranking on Google Maps by submitting your company to other search engines and directories while working on increasing client reviews. In addition having a blog and posting consistently on that blog will also help you ranking. For information on web design click here
  2. Building a strong Facebook company timeline with the right aesthetics and some of the new response enhancing apps can help your business immediately but the key is to work consistently over time to build your likes and add interesting and educational posts that allure your fans. For more information on facebook timeline and powerful apps click here
  3. Develop a Pinterest board but take the time to learn how to use Pinterest effectively. Pinterest is a fantastic tool that brides will use for advanced planning to gather ideas. Thus during summer months you can end up being up for consideration by many brides who have 2013 and 2014 wedding dates who pin your images for planning ideas but then actually contact you monthly later. For more information on Pinterest click here.

Sometimes we are also so immersed in trying to do new things to keep with technology, we forget about networking, the timeless marketing strategy that never loses its effectiveness. Taking the time during slower months to meet and cultivate relationships with vendors that are in the position to refer you business is a very good investment time.

If you are in New York and New Jersey, two very interesting wedding industry educational and networking events are taking place on July 16th at the Meadowbrook in New Windsor, NY and July 18th at the Landmark in East Rutherford. Click here for details.