The wedding industry is unique in that the bride is a very identifiable audience. Once she finalizes her date, the clock starts ticking away. If your company is part of the planning ladder then it’s unnecessary to create the need for the service you provide. Planning is undoubtedly an emotional process for most brides. She is inspired by beauty, originality, the right personality, and other factors that can result in an impulsive decision. Yes, many brides are on a tight budget but there are ways to encourage her to spend more by using the logic of this being “once in a lifetime,” “preserve the memory,” and to “impress your guests.” One of the greatest tools wedding professionals have is the use of urgency for certain situations.

Urgency can turn a browser into a buyer. It can also bring out of one of the strongest motivating factors in making a decision, fear of loss. Here are two examples of how wedding professionals can use urgency:

  1. If you’re a service provider where you are factoring in supply vs. demand you can close sales using urgency. If a bride is getting married during one of the busiest wedding months, especially on a Saturday afternoon or evening, it’s feasible to emphasize that not making an immediate decision can result in someone else booking you for that date if you are a photographer, videographer, entertainment company, limousine company, venue or florist (if you limit the amount of weddings).
  2. If you sell bridal gowns, invitations, favors, bridal gifts or any product that requires ordering or customization, your angle for urgency is when the bride comes in close to the wedding. Highlighting that you need ample time to order products due to how time-consuming printing and packaging can take is important. The bride then understands that delaying can create the risk of sending out the invitations late or not getting the favors in time, ultimately helping you to close sales.

You can also use that same logic during a BrideLive web conference with a prospect. Emphasizing urgency can help you close the sale or create a greater argument to make a face-to-face appointment with a potential client.

However, the use of urgency as a tactic should always be truthful. Never tell a bride that she may be out of luck if she doesn’t book a photographer a year in advance if she is getting married on a Friday in January.