Networking is one of the most viable activities a wedding professional can invest his or her time in. Creating relationships with businesses that rest on an earlier rung of the planning ladder often generates a substantial amount of new clients on regular basis.

An analysis may reveal that a number of businesses who do not appear to market themselves as aggressively as some of their competitors still succeed. Why? Because they are good at what they do and other vendors recommend them.

In addition to generating referrals, learning the intricacies of the other services makes you a more knowledgeable professional and a better resource to your clients, creating a great educational value. Also, when you develop relationships with other vendors, it can lead to rewarding personal friendships that brim with commonalities.

However, many businesses do not realize  the value of networking when away from your area. In this situation, you have a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues that do the same thing as you without the concern about being competitors since you trade in different areas.

As a result, you can share suppliers, advertising, and marketing strategies; sales closing strategies; and new ideas that will grow both businesses. You will discover that most businesses you contact or visit will welcome you with open arms–and now you can write off your leisure travel as a business trip. You can make this process comfortable and ask one of your suppliers for a recommendation of one or two of their customers located in the geographic area you are visiting.

Even though you may be on vacation, spending time talking about your business with someone who understands it can prove therapeutic and relaxing. You also establish a fun, long term relationship that can be maintained via phone, social media and email. One day your new associate may be visiting your area and you can look forward to reciprocating their kindness on your turf.