Co-authored by Theodora Kimmel

Where can you find a program that allows you to observe your marketing and sales trends over time, and to make objective decisions for the future? Introducing: InsightSquared.

One thing that I love about this program is that no longer are you stuck moving your precious marketing and sales data haphazardly, like grandma’s fine china, into Excel Spreadsheets, hoping you won’t drop any of it. With InsightSquared, you can generate bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and any other charts with your data grouped neatly, all pieces in one place, and with just a few clicks. Though impressive and powerful enough for a huge sales force and a big company, even for the small-business owner, InsightSquared keeps your sales data organized and structured, and above all, accurate. This can equate to an unmatched peace of mind.

Another thing I love: the ability to watch your marketing and sales campaigns and make comparisons. Holy opportunity Batman! Let’s say, for example, that you want to know which one of your social media marketing campaigns is generating the most social-media-to-website conversions. In other words, you want to see if your Facebook page, or you Pinterest page, is getting more people to your site. InsightSquared let’s you choose a start data for tracking, make the comparisons overtime, and provide you with an easy-to-read graph. While many social media platforms offer their own ways to track insights, InsightSquared can really help you get down-to-business by allowing you to make comparisons, and hone in on specifics, as you master your entire social media marketing campaign for the long-haul.

Or, here’s another thought: you could use InsightSquared to track your lead conversion rates from your showcases at Bridal Expos. You can see where your ROI’s performed best, comparing and contrasting locations, as well as from year-to-year and month-to-month.

But, now here is my fa-vor-ite part about InsightSquared. You can also sync your QuickBooks account right to InsightSquared (cue the angels softly singing “aaaaaaah”). This perfect for tracking month-to-month revenue and expense changes, will also generating historical evidence of any other kind of financial data.

InsightSquared’s price tag: $65/month for the cheapest package.

Overall Verdict: Consider this product for a centralized look atfinancial trends. Watching sales and marketing trends is fundamental for any small business, as even small changes in cash flow can mean a huge difference to your bottom-line.