Who has 25 years of experience in social media? Nobody. Who are the most experienced and qualified people to help you with social media? Often, college students have grown up with the Internet and social media. It has become an intuitive process of their everyday life. For many wedding business owners social media is an awkward burden. The learning process is hard with all of the day to day challenges of running a business.

Most college students need field experience to create an impressive resume in order to find the right position when graduating college. Many students love the allure of the wedding industry and the field is on their radar. You can impart such valuable business and life lessons.

The right intern for a wedding business should understand Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and know how to manage a wordpress blog. It would also be helpful if they can edit videos and work in photoshop. Here are some other things you might consider for advanced needs in this article on hiring a Social Media Manager.

Finding an intern is easier than you think. You can search for students or post an opening for free on www.internships.com. Also a local college might have a program that gives a student college credits for interning for you. Compensation can range from non-paying, a flat monthly stipend or hourly. Most importantly, strive to make the work done is meaningful to your intern and beneficial to the growth of your business. Stay away from the temptation of assigning menial tasks.