There is an alternate state of reality going on, online. As Linda Richmond, the Saturday night caricature character used to say, “I’m feeling faklempt and talk amongst yourselves”. That’s exactly what the brides are doing and they are coming to their own conclusions on what is their best options for purchasing invitations. For example on this Wedding Wire Forum brides are totally touting DIY.

When I first looked at that post, I just wanted to create an account and weigh in on this conversation. I shouldn’t and neither should you. It is your clients that should. Ask a couple of satisfied clients to talk about their experience buying from you. Start searching out these forums of ignorance and let your voice be heard through your customers. They also can post a link to your website when talking about their experience with you. You might actually a get new customers.head-in-the-sand

This is not very profound, but collective actions like these are important to the stationery industry and its survival. It’s hard enough when a bride searches on Google and can’t find a local retailer because most retailers done nothing to optimize their website. And while I have your attention, please tell me what you think about my new website that serves the wedding industry I can really use your feedback. Email me at [email protected]. And do what brides are doing with these forums, share this article with other retailers.