Marsupial Papers

Their Story
The Louie Award Winning Invitation Brand in 2011, and Trendy Finalist Marsupial is one of the premier invitation designers in the high demand category of pocket/pouch invitations. A family-owned company founded in 2005 after having a successful retail operation, they originally created a proprietary line of specialty envelopes and pockets to enhance the look and functionality of invitations. Based on the success of that product line, they expanded into printing and added several dealer-sold lines of custom wedding invitations and other event invitations, including a line dedicated to Bar/Bar Mitzvah. In 2010, the company launched its own online store where they also sell their entire line of products directly to the end user. The wholesale side currently has grown to over 400 customer accounts across the United States and Canada.

Why are they selling?
Unfortunately the company founder has developed stage-four lung cancer. His day-to-day presence and leadership has been extremely missed and the focus on growth and product development has been severely distracted. For quality of life reasons the family has decided to sell the business and pass the torch onto to an individual or group that can give this established brand the time and attention it needs to grow to the next level.

Who would be a good candidate to buy this business?
Stationery/Paper Company (Wholesale/Manufacturer)
Paper and Envelope Converting Company
Experienced invitation retailer or designer
Wedding accessory/favor brand

How is their business now?
All current Marsupial customers continue to be taken care of with all of the ease and expediency that dealers are accustomed to. The quality level and turnaround time are consistent. Dealers are busy selling their products and a new owner would be integrating under ideal circumstances.

How do you contact them for more information?
Please contact Meena Merchant via email at [email protected].