I have been doing wedding marketing for almost 30 years as a retailer and wholesaler. There was no course in college to teach me the nuances of the bridal industry, stationery industry and the event planning industry. So I had to use common sense, my intuition and learn from others. I also had to make mistakes in order to go forward. In establishing Local Traffic Builder, the motivation was a collective voice from retailers who were confused and overwhelmed by the internet and how they can move out of paralysis and make the internet their friend. We had the right idea but the wrong message. So after 2 years we reinvented Local Traffic Builder with the same intention but with a different direction that is more financially attainable for most wedding professionals, invitation retailers, and event planning businesses. One of the most important elements to our new model is the emphasis on the importance of owning the right domain name.

I have spent the last six months investing in some of the best targeted domain names specific to this industry. If you look at some of these names, you would think we had acquired them at the beginning of the internet. They are so exacting to the businesses they represent. It has required a disciplined approach and effort on a daily basis. Now one or more of these incredible domain names can be put to work for you, supported by very affordable marketing strategies.

The result can be:

  • A tremendous increase of qualified wedding or party planning
    traffic to your site
  • Instant credibility by having a domain that indicates
    longevity and reputability
  • A domain that is easy to remember and type in
  • Exceptional search engine placement for desired keywords
  • A dominant position in your local market
  • Stronger referring links to your website
  • Better “quality scores” leading to cost savings when
    advertising online

Search engines love domain names that have an exact relevance to the product and service a person is searching for. Here is the link to a partial list of domain names. There are even more available and we can guide you to select the ones which you can most benefit from. And no, you do not need to redo your web site to capitalize on the right domain name.