What remains the same is that June is one of the all-time most popular months for weddings. What is popular for wedding trends, however, changes much more frequently.

Here is a look at the current floral trends that have bloomed this wedding season:

Garlands: but not just any garlands, rather, floral arrangements featuring citrus fruits, and greenery, like ferns. They’ve made a comeback but in a whole new way.

wedding garland ferns floral design 2014


Garden roses: these sweet-smelling roses are much more lush and dense than their more common relatives. Their uniqueness and fragrance make them a stand out among floral displays as compared to the more traditional bouquet rose.

garden roses wedding floral trends 2014


Other roses that are currently very popular include spray roses, hybrid tea roses (noted in particular for their durability), and sweetheart roses, as reported by the Flower Trend Forecast 2014 team.


Spray Rose

spray roses floral design wedding trend 2014



Hybrid Tea Rose

hybrid tea roses wedding floral trends 2014


Sweetheart Rose

sweetheart roses wedding floral trends 2014



Tree Peonies: as Rachel Griffith says, “this is the flower of the year.” A combination of being both exquisite and romantic, but understated, this flower possesses a lot of charm, especially for those wanting to keep their floral arrangement disarmingly different.

tree peony floral design wedding trend 2014


Greenery: not just for adding depth or enhancing the colorful floral arrangements of other flowers, greens are standing on their own. According to the IFD (International Floral Distributors), Thistle is big , echoed by another powerful green flower: Green Spray Chrysanthemum, cultivated in Holland.



thistle wedding trends floral design 2014


Green Spray Chrysanthemum

Green Spray Chrysanthemum Wedding Floral Trends 2014


Another element impacting floral arrangement choices is lighting. “Technology is starting to play a key part when it comes to the flowers and décor,” say Essential Couture. “We’re getting asked to add specialist lighting to our floral displays, which can be remotely controlled to create amazing effects for when the lights go down and the dancing begins.”


lighting floral design centerpiece wedding trends 2014


It goes without saying of course that what is trending now, is also influenced by the media. “Vintage flower bouquets are very popular right now thanks to the third season of Downton Abbey hitting our screens recently,’ says The UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planners.”


vintage style wedding bouquet floral trends 2014


So what’s out (for now) this season? Kim Watson of The Flower House has this to say: “I think the natural trend for flowers will continue [well] into 2014, with wood, particularly birch, predominating as containers for table arrangements […] We’ll see lots of twigs, but perhaps not in such fussy arrangements, but rather more simple but bold designs.”

twig centerpiece wedding floral trends 2014


What have you noticed that is popular this season? What have your couples-to-be been asking for? Do you have thoughts as to what might be popular next year?