I’ve written about, I’ve talked about it. Now I’ve done something about it I have rolled out my new marketing program to help retailers use the internet to increase their local business outlined on Local Traffic Builder.

After a year and a half of experimentation with Google’s local internet marketing program, I have found that is the most powerful and cost effective marketing tool to get local customers I have ever worked with. Using it for my wife’s invitation store in River Edge, New Jersey she has received calls regularly from consumers who were using the internet to do research, discovered her prominent local listing among discount web sites, manufacturer direct web sites and were attracted to her web site once they clicked onto it.

Think about if you were a sophisticated consumer looking for an upscale invitation and all you saw were web sites who did not identify where they were located and clicked on a few discount web sites and saw the same low end products maybe even the same type of branded web site. Then you saw a listing that said “Local Invitation Business with service and selection you’ll never find buying online.” Would you at least click onto that web site?

For more info on the program visit the web site and take your time, there’s a really good explanation there.