I have been spending so much time developing and organizing business ideas and initiatives in an almost reclusive fashion.  I had an impulse the other day to go into a memorabilia bin and took out this folder of different ads and marketing pieces that I did when I owned retail stores. I laughed out loud from some of the ghastly ads that were my own concepts like “Don’t Let Anyone make a Monkey Out of You” showing a drawing of a monkey in a bridal gown and saying we have humane prices. Another one, had just a hand sticking out of a pool of water with a big engagement ring saying “Don’t Get in over your head.” Best of all for my wife’s entertainment company. “Hire SFL Entertainment, We Get Each Guest off their Ass” and I have drawing of a banquet room with guests sitting on donkeys. Out of these, the ad that worked was the hand ad.  From the monkey ad I actually received a letter from a bride saying how dare I depict a bride as a monkey. These ads were from the early to mid nineties.

I remember really thinking I was creative and now I look back and think I was nuts!!!