The Power of the B2B Referral When it Comes to Marketing Your Business:

As wedding professionals, we can sometimes get lost in the allure of capitalizing on the newest marketing methods of attracting and booking wedding customers. Because of this, the three biggest marketing concerns of most wedding businesses of the 21st century include: having an effective website, high Google placement, and an active social media campaign.

Not to be underestimated, however, is the power and importance of  good ol’ word-of-mouth. That’s right, generating a good buzz through this traditional method is still the most important, and probably always will be. We are human beings and no matter how involved we get with our computers and the Internet and looking good on there, what we say about one another counts. The same goes for the prosperity of your wedding business.

There are a number of ways to keep spreading the good word about your business, and to boost your marketing effectiveness. You can post all about your client’s weddings on your social media platforms (like pinterest, where you can draw a focus to your business with beautiful imagery). You can keep in-touch with your clients after their big day. You can encourage them to review you and your services on Google, Yahoo, Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc.

There is no denying that you’ll definitely want to continually utilize these positive-buzz-generating-methods, but don’t ignore this next one. Business-to-business networking, aka talking to your industry associates and positively involving them in your business, is one of the least-used methods. Wedding professionals can use it to their marketing advantage in ways that those others methods just can’t compare. In fact, using it can mean a slam-dunk for your business success.

Want to know how to start using this marketing method to your advantage?  In this article by Wed Planner Pro, “How to Get Vendors to Refer Couples to You,” you’ll find 10 implementable tools to help you. Beginning with getting more leads for your wedding business, to developing a referral business, to insuring that you’re a “relationship builder and not just a kickback giver,” and lastly, preventing other wedding vendors from “deading” you from being one of their referrals, Wed Planner Pro covers the bases.  You’ll be a relationship-builder extraordinaire before you know it, and your business, and the businesses of others, will thank-you for it.


Picture Credit: Finding Hidden Treasure in a Field by Thomas Bertram Poole.