Any Wedding Professional will tell you, Bridal Shows can be overwhelming. They are usually immensely busy and distracting environments. Moreover, the amount of time and financial investment you put into the exhibition can be draining if you do not generate new customers from the show.

Take Some Time To Reflect

As we depart from the peak Bridal Show season, now is a good time to start reflecting and planning for the next season. You can begin by taking advantage of this unique time period in the Wedding Industry by reviewing what worked and did not work.

As Robert I. Sutton, blogger from the Harvard Business Review Blogging Network says in his post Learning From Success and Failure, “after event reviews — whether focused on failure alone or both successes and failures — spark learning. Sure, you already knew that — but it amazes me how many companies don’t have time to stop and think about what they learned, but seem to have the time to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again.”

Even if you’re new to the industry and have never done a Bridal Show before, take some time reflect on what you may need to learn more about.

Regenerate Your Passion and Refuel Your Business

Allow this time to give you the opportunity to focus on making your exhibition experience more (or the most) satisfying to you and your business. Doing this will not only regenerate your drive and affirm your ambitions, it will build confidence. This will refuel your passion and commitment, in turn allowing you the strength to cultivate and hone your exhibition skills and strategies.

Remember: Bridal Shows are Not Just About the Brides

Though Bridal Shows focus on catering to couples-to-be, there’s a way they cater to your business too. The time right before a Bridal Show begins, and right after it ends, can be one of the best and often overlooked opportunities for your business. During these times you can introduce yourself to vendors who may be in a position to refer you. Make it even easier by seeing if a list is available of vendors who will be at the show ahead of time.

Plan on Talking: What Brides Can Teach You About Your Exhibition

During the Bridal Show, make the most of another unique practice that also often goes unrecognized and underutilized. Get real opinions by connecting with brides and grooms and asking their opinion on the products, services, and/or other offerings available to them at the show. This will translate as insights to you about the viability of what you are showcasing.

Precision and Strategy: It Is Everything

Alan Berg, WeddingWire Education Guru and founder of The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference, talks about how to make the most of your next Bridal Show exhibition. Berg’s “6 Steps To Wedding Show Success” provides you with a checklist of precise strategies to implement. In it, he discusses optimal planning timelines and lead-generating methods, and how to put them into practice simultaneously. These include how to make your booth stand out, and the timing of following-up with leads post-show.

Now is The Time to Start

So take some time to reflect, learn, and then solidly prepare. Doing so will allow you to really maximize your return on your investments at Bridal Shows next season. Now really is the best time to do everything you can to make sure those future-couples-to-be pick you.


Photo Credit: “Tips on Attending Your First Bridal Show” by Inn at the Old Silk Mill.