I started Local Traffic Builder in 2008 knowing I had a winning idea. Making an idea successful is a totally different issue. I had a 10+ year career with Encore Studios and two children that were my most important job.

My partner Vanessa and I did a tremendous amount of work building the engine and identity of Local Traffic Builder without taking on more clients than we can handle. We set up an infrastructure that now can form a circle of expertise around a business from a 360 degree approach. We could diagnose and help bolster the success of a wedding, event and stationery retailer from one angle or every angle.

Since I started the company, I have learned so much and like a squirrel preparing for winter, collected so much food for thought and strategies that could nourish other businesses. Yet I know that subconsciously I put on the brakes when it came to growing the business. I just had too much on my plate and as a good friend said to me, “God gives you what you can handle”.

That was until September 1st, 2010 which was the last day of my well thought out departure from my career at Encore Studios. Since that day I have felt completely empowered to take the hand of any business that our services are right for, put my heart and mind into validating the trust of any client that hired us and focus rather than scramble.

There was something else that happened today that brought tears to my eyes for nearly 15 minutes. I was driving 90 minutes to visit my mother, who because of the distance, I visit with on the phone far more frequently than in person. I thought about my two teenage children and how I have fought to give them every opportunity to go over after their dreams and pursue their talents. I also acknowledged in myself that if they needed something it wasn’t “I’m too busy or am on a business call.” They knew they came first and that will continue. However, I promise any of my clients, you will come in a close second.