We go through life with the weight of the world on our shoulders sometimes. In our own limited realm, not having enough business or being overwhelmed by the challenges of business can put our consciousness in a vacuum. There was a tap on my consciousness last week when I attended the New Jersey launch party of the worthy charity “Wish Upon a Wedding.”

In my thirty years in the wedding industry, I have never been so moved by something in our industry that was so selflessly crafted. The charity raises money so that couples that are the victims of a terminal illness can have the wedding they want. The couple does not receive any money the services for the wedding are donated by a pool of wedding professionals. They simply get to have the best day of their lives, a day that can give them hope and a reason to live for. On that day all is good. Everything is provided for them, as this moment in their lives is all about their love and the other challenges they have gone through together or awaits them with whatever time they have left together, is muted by bliss.

A short time before the event my company Local Traffic Builder and Wedding Podcast Network had decided to produce a wedding industry educational event The 21st Century Bride. Before attending the launch part for this charity at the Florentine Gardens, we had decided to get behind this charity and donate a percentage of the proceeds of our event to Wish Upon A Wedding. Between the generosity of this venue and the presentation that brought this cause to life for me, I am so glad we made this decision.

In the balance of life, the misfortune of others is something our community can respond to. However, there is a gift for us in it besides the giving. It is the perspective that all the businesses challenges that we think weigh us down are but an ounce of meaning when we do not have our health.