What resonates with you more?  An attractive advertisement for someone in their field or reading an article or attending a seminar where you really learn something and ascertain his or her expertise?

Consider that logic in your marketing. Use your blog to educate your potential customers and showcase your expertise. Use your social media posts for the same purpose. Provide tips that will help the bride in her planning or give her an insiders view of the wedding process. If she contacts you, it is done with an already established level of respect and strong interest.

This mindset becomes exponentially more effective depending on the outreach. If you are a DJ, write an article about planning the music for the day and the ingredients of a truly successful party. Along with a brochure, distribute that article too. Have your networking partners do it for you.

Local newspapers journalists generally aren’t wedding experts. They garner information from interviewing professionals or sometimes buy articles from outside sources. Submit your articles to local magazines and websites in return for editorial mention. When published, you can promote that credibility in your marketing and your website.

Adult education in high schools and colleges are always hungry for educators on a variety of topics that will attract an audience. As an educator, your name and company along with a course description is included in a bulletin that is sent to every resident in a geographic area. This is perfect if you are a wedding planner, florist, photographer or videographer because you can base a class around your professional skill. If you are doing a class on wedding planning, think about who will most likely attend. Even if you have 10 brides in your class, that is a great captive audience.