I was eating breakfast and watching Fox News and they spotlighted a pop up store in Manhattan that featured designer gowns at 90% off and it brought me back to an idea that I helped start in the early nineties.

My friend who worked for me in one of my wedding stores came with an idea to try to buy back bridal gowns from brides after the wedding to then resell. This evolved into approaching gown manufacturers to consign discontinued dresses and one day these sales were held in hotels in several states.

I wasn’t involved in those sales but adapted the idea for my wedding center business and held one day sales in hotels where my photography, video, flowers, invitations, limousines, favors were all priced lower for that day. All the bride would need to do is leave a deposit to hold the price and could finalize the details later. I held three sales and booked 25-40 new customers each time.

Coincidentally the economic climate paralleled what we are going through now. So my thinking is, there can be a good opportunity for a wedding business to find a vacant large store in a very busy area (mall etc), rent it for a few days and bring in vendors who all agree to have a special sale. This can also be easily done at a hotel or banquet hall.

If anyone is interested in doing this or have questions contact me.