This article was written by Jay Berube.

Here are 10 simple strategies that can use to get more reviews. One thing that should be mentioned is that you should never bribe your customers into giving you reviews, but you should try and influence them! Also the best way to really get wedding customers to want to give you reviews is by creating a great customer experience and great products! Remember in the wedding industry we cannot rely on repeat business, so cultivating reviews is that much more important for new customer acquisition.

1)   Email Marketing: Send your customer an email if you can and directly ask them if they want to review your business. It should not feel like spamming since they are actually a customer and you can say that you are trying to improve their experience. Say something like, “We were wondering if you could spare a couple of minutes to give us a review! It would help our company greatly, and would also give us great user feedback so we can help you out in return! We are always trying to get feedback to create a better customer experience.”

2) Customer Service Survey: Send your customers a customer service survey, via email/mail. After the survey post a link that they can see and ask if they want to give a review. Make it seem like a fun experience and something that is both beneficial to your business and them as a customer.

3) Customer Service Survey via phone: Call your customers up and ask for a quick 3min survey asking about their recent customer experience. Make sure they get the sense that you are trying to make their experience better. At the end of the survey ask if they would like to give a review and let them know how to do it.

4) Email Signature: Send your customer an email and ask about their recent customer experience and if they have any questions or concerns. Keep it simple! Nobody likes being spammed so make sure that you are providing value to them and not just asking for something. At the bottom of the email have an email signature that is link to give you reviews. Next to the link have it say something like “if you want give us a review here!” It makes it seem very casual without the customer feeling like they are being pressured.

5) Create an infographic: Create a nice looking infographic that is about a page long that educates people about how to exactly give a review if they didn’t know otherwise. Make the infographic very straightforward so it makes the customer want to give a review because it seems easy and rewarding. The infographic should walk them through the steps of giving a review from things like signing up for a Google account to clicking the blue link on the left. You can print them off and give them out to your customers in person, or you can just send it to their emails.

6) Social Media: Never underestimate the power of social media! If your wedding business has accounts at places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram those are great places to ask people to give you reviews. If you have accounts, find out the one you get the most interaction on and post saying something like “if you were happy with our services and want to help support our business give us a review at this link. Thank you.” Don’t be spammy about it, but if you are giving people great customer experiences and they are following you on Facebook they probably wouldn’t mind giving you a review!

7) Website Review Landing page: Make a page on your website that is dedicated to provided links to all the places customers can give you reviews. Include detailed instruction and visual aids! Make the page on your website easy to find and user friendly. Get customers to go to the page by embedding a link at the bottom of all your emails!

Remember if you want to get reviews you need to Ask Ask Ask! And the best thing you can do to make your customers want to give you reviews and tell their family and friends about giving you reviews is to give them the best customer experience possible!

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