In the wedding industry, the majority of discussions and perspectives around same-sex marriage are positive. The economic backbone of our particular industry has been astoundingly impacted by the on-going progress of its legalization in the United States. Naturally, for most in our industry, same-sex marriage legalization has been a real benefit.

The legalization of same-sex marriage has not presented itself as a benefit strictly to the wedding industry, however. In a study by UCLA’s Williams Institute, conducted outside of the industry, same-sex marriage legalization could impact Colorado’s entire economy.

“If marriage is extended to same-sex couples in Colorado, the state would see an economic boost as same-sex couples plan their weddings and as their out-of-state guests purchase goods and services in the state. [There would be a significant positive potential] impact on the state’s economy and on state and local sales tax revenue.”

And of course, the wedding industry will surely benefit as well. It will also play a role in, moreover, in boosting the economy of Colorado. As Heather Ginsberg writes in an article on, “the study estimates that spending on the wedding industry itself would amount to roughly $40 million, and guest spending in the area would add the extra $10 million to get to their estimate of $50 million in the first three years.”

What could such legalization mean for the wedding industry as a whole? As we continue to see mass-changes in the legalization of same-sex marriage, so may our industry.

With same-sex marriage becoming more and more common, it will be interesting to see how its legalization will impact industry trends. Will the industry continue to target this audience separately? Will the trends change as same-sex marriage becomes increasingly mainstream?

We will continue to naturally witness subtleties within the industry at large. Even more to that point, companies that specifically serve same-sex marriages may hold onto their industry-niche. Perhaps, however, the industry overall may even begin to adopt a more genderless approach. Whatever the case, the wedding industry will continue to play a leading role in shaping what marriage equality looks like in this country.