Imagine this: You sell wedding dresses and a client has just picked out the perfect one. The transaction of buying the dress goes well enough until you have to enter said information from a small slip of paper deemed the receipt into the computer. You save the data entering for later, right? Well what happens if that receipt is lost between the moment it prints and the moment you get around to typing it into your revenue information? Introducing… Expensify!

Expensify exists to eliminate any discrepancies in revenue and to streamline your financial management process.You can neatly file your transactions away like a bride carefully pasting her pictures from her big day into a photo album.

Here’s a roundup of all the Expensify offers: quickly tabulate business expenses of all kinds, hold onto receipt-based information easily, administrative controls with intuitive connections to PayPal and Direct Deposit, complete IRS compliance (whew), and all of it is mobile-friendly!

Let’s talk about receipts: you can take a picture of a receipt from any purchase with your phone and Expensify will auto-associate the transaction to your company’s revenue and expense data. This feature is available for phones that run iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone operating systems (so pretty much any smartphone). You can also forward email receipts to [email protected] as well. Even Evernote, Dropbox, Genius Scan, and Chrome get in on the fun with their Expensify smart receipt capabilities.

Generating expenses: Putting in the data from your receipts is only half the fun. You can also generate expense reports specific to groups of transactions, such as materials expenses, revenue from a certain item, and so on. You can do this from your mobile device as well. Speaking of, the app only adds to Expensify’s resourcefulness. If you need to travel for a client, you can use this app to manage your travel plans, plus any real-time flight updates. If you decide to drive, you can use your phone’s GPS to track mileage or enter it manually with the app’s odometer feature.

Go mobile, and stay mobile: The best part is that the app will work offline in case you are in a more rural area. Expensify can house all of your transactions so you know where your money is coming from and where it’s going.

Cost: $5 a month for a small business, or start-up, $9 for a larger business or one that is well-established. Comes complete with all features, as well as a trial no-pay and no credit card required period.

Overall Verdict: If you utilize receipts as part of your wedding business, this is definitely a program to consider. Nothing beats staying organized as the best way to keep on top of your expenses and make the most out of your money.


co-authored by Theodora Kimmel