For products that do not require trying on, online shopping has become the busy person’s dream. However, online sales have been taken over by larger retailers. That means smaller businesses that do not have an online store may be missing out on the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Think about it: maybe there is a market in Paris for the exact product your business carries, but your business is located in Chicago and you only offer brick-and-mortar shopping. There may be a bride or two willing to do just that for the perfect, say, centerpieces, but not all of them will go to such great lengths.

So, you need to seriously consider getting your product online and to capture a larger market for your business. To get your product available online and reach the rest of your market, there is Shopify. This next part may sound like a list, but there are so many benefits to this service that a list straight-up is the best way to showcase the many benefits of this awesome product.

First of all, any tweak that you could want to make to your payment options are available. Also, these tweaks are easy to make. Not everyone is a computer geek, but you don’t have to be to utilize the full benefits of Shopify. If you still have trouble, there are Shopify experts available to help you out anytime.

Secondly, shipping becomes easier with Shopify, too. You can ship directly from the program. The shipping rates of various delivery services like UPS and FedEx are also calculated automatically so both you and your customers know the full price of a product before buying. Speaking of buying, customers can purchase your products with various forms of payment including PayPal and bitcoin. You can also keep an eye on abandoned shopping carts and send emails to their respective owners to remind them that they never actually checked out.

Thirdly, mobility is on-point with Shopify. Being mobile is a great way to look cool and use technology to simultaneously have fun and be taking care of business (cue a certain song of the same name). The technology offered by Shopify extends past being an online retail manager. You can benefit from their services in your physical shop as well. Shopify offers a card reader that can attach to mobile devices like tablets and phones allowing for instant card scanning and easy payment management. Shopify even offers its own scanner which is all synced to their mobile-friendly POS system.

Fourthly, and lastly, the price of Shopify depends on whether or not you want a couple key features and where you want to sell (in store, online, or both). If gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and professional reports are not necessary and you want to sell both in store and online, then the $78/month package will be just fine. However, there is a $128/month package that includes these features and a $228/month package with all of these plus tons of other features. If both outlets are not what would work best for your business, there are cheaper packages for selling exclusively online or exclusively in store. Any way you package it, Shopify will make selling your product to a wider audience easier than before.

with edits by Theodora Kimmel