Most people that know me associate my industry attributes with marketing. I have imparted ideas to thousands of wedding professionals through my books, seminars and just one-on-on dialogs. In addition so many have been generous to me with their knowledge. One thing I learned is that whatever marketing can exponentially be enhanced with a reputation built by talent, professionalism and a day to day commitment to excelling at the nuances of running a business.

I have had the pleasure of meeting, speaking to and watching Dina Eisenberg of Positively Wed speak. In the journey of doing something she truly loves, she has accessed her experience as an attorney and business owner and started a company Positively Wed. She serves an individual mentor and group leader to a growing community of wedding professionals, coaching them in management skills, problem solving, working with difficult brides and colleagues and leveraging through social networking an image that attracts customers and is a breeding ground for referrals from existing customers.

She is starting a very interesting initiative that combines individual growth with a group dynamic called “The Communal Table”. I expect we will be hearing a lot from this talented, sincere, energetic woman.