Whether you work and live in California, or are here like us on the East Coast, summer weddings take on a vibration and style all their own. While we are not expecting any of our readers to be brides or couples-to-be, we do think our readers will thoroughly enjoy learning about Summer Wedding trends.

More importantly, we are pretty sure if you play close enough attention to this particular summer wedding trends article, you’ll uncover new ways to grow your business. That’s what happens when you stay on top of trends. It isn’t like high school where cool and trendy simply earns you the title of Prom King/Queen. It is wedding-throneabout learning what you consumer population wants no matter what part of the industry you are so you can become #Wedbiz King/Queen.

I myself cannot stress enough the importance of being in touch with your audience in big way that goes beyond the scope of your role. That’s part of why I want you to learn about all about summer wedding trends, to really grasp the potential of the big picture. In my free time, I’m an actress. When I have a part that is very small in relationship to the whole show, it is very important, crucial even, for me to understand the meaning of the show beyond my scenes and lines. Otherwise, my small part could be that one loose screw that stops the entire show-engine.

I’ll share a brief story. I once was given a small and traditionally male role in a Shakespeare play. It was a nobleman. The scene was very brief, but it was very Lady Knight summer wedding trends cate blanchett important. It set the rest of the show into motion. I had to strut in very proud and with great autonomy and regality. I only had four very small lines, but if I did not say them with air of importance, and like the audience was privy to hearing me speak even just this much, I would not have been able to believably send my knights in to storm the castle and to tip the show into its tragic and powerful end. Every little details counts.

When you see the major trends, you are able to take control and harness the trends to your best advantage, and get your audience to take you seriously, including when it comes to summer wedding trends. In the acting world, that translates as much respect and attention (even if I was not the star), and in the business world, that translates as more business and potential revenue.

So, be in the know. It does a business good (and in my case, makes Shakespeare make a bit more sense!) With that said, here is a look at some summer wedding trends that have been heating up (with a treat that tells you how you can use these for your wedding business):

1. Give a little to get a lot more.

Sparklers can light up a summer celebration in the spirit of the fourth, and create a wow effect all year round. Include these as part of your business no matter what aspect of the weddsummer wedding trends sparklers wedding sparklers directing planning you participate in. Give them as gifts for using your business. These inexpensive trendy gift items increase your appeal. People will remember you and recommend your business if you seem in-touch with the larger human experience of happiness and celebration. Building genuine relationships with people connects to the larger concept of this special day and how meaningful it is to people. You show that you have feelings and that you care, and people will appreciate you not only for your business, but will naturally want the whole community to know about you, since you are so involved. That’s the secret in giving a little to getting a lot. 

Company to consider: Wedding Sparklers Direct.

2. Knowledge is power, and substance.

Do you know of a company that sells products that are on-trend for this time of year? (I’ve made a suggestion below.) Are you hoping to make a vendor connection but not sure how? These two can combine for a real power punch. Tell your customers about products that you think they will love, and then communicate with that vendor to let them know you’re promoting their business because you felt there was a demand and you’d like to make a connection with them about referrals. When you go in with substantial evidence as to why you’d like to connect with another vendor, you open the door to a substantial business relationship. Plus, when you give out knowledge freely (as this is truly no cost to you to just be aware of your business associates and to make suggestions), it helps you make an indelible positive impression

Company to consider: Wind Visuals.