Right now I am outside in Southern NY, and the weather is just delightful. Where I live in the Hudson Valley, I cannot say the summers here are always pleasant. Therefore, that makes today special. The temperature is that subtle section of warm, and the sun plays melodically through the trees kissing the air with light. I think if I had to define bliss, today’s weather would certainly be included. What is it about sunshine that just makes a summer day complete?

It came as no surprise to me then while I was thinking of a concept for today’s post that what caught my eye was this unique resource we have in our Resource Directory. Have you ever heard of a  SunTender? I am very familiar with the Directory, but sometimes I forget some of these unique services a wedding business could recommend to their couples-to-be.

SunTenders act as mentors to newly-engaged couples, and is someone the couple chooses to act as the SunTender that they mutually trust. As the site states,

A SunTender promises that the sun will shine on the Couple’s wedding day and thereafter on their marriage. Being a SunTender for a new Couple is a meaningful commitment as well as a romantic and unique gift. Our goal is to help you give these loving gifts and meet your promises to the Couple, guaranteeing sunshine and enriching their relationship.

This can be an ideal concept for you to recommend to a couple who expresses they want something different and meaningful for their ceremony. This suggestion may also contribute to a happier marriage.