With almost every consumer doing research online before they purchase invitations or stationery, having a web site has become essential for you to even be considered in many cases. Even when responding to print ads in magazines and newspapers, for many consumers, a web site is a way of looking at the window of your store without leaving their home or office.

Even if you have a web site, if it is outdated, it puts a negative perception about your company. Many dealers have tried to populate their web sites with online albums provided by their suppliers which are easy solutions to permitting e-commerce but without a “front window” to distinguish and give your store  its own positive identity. You are sure to be losing visitors to your web site who click right off having seen the same cceasy or yourinvitationplace web site provided by Carlson Craft and Birchcraft which you can see on certain sites discounts off up to 40%.

I feel that collectively we need to take action to drive customers from the web to the store. When a customer is looking at a computer screen while they can identify products that might fit their taste, photos often either overstate of understate the actual beauty of the invitation. Also, it is the retailer that creates the excitement and reasoning for purchasing an upscale invitation and creates a mindset of customizing that can never be duplicated online. If the practice of purchasing invitations becomes dominant online, your business is in danger and premium brands like Encore, William Arthur, Crane, Lallie, and C’est Papier are in danger too because the whole scale of what is an acceptable invitation even for the affluent customer can be compromised if they are shopping online.

My new company Local Traffic Builder specializes in bringing outdated sites up to date and developing smartly designed upscale web sites to get customers to pick up the phone or email to make an appointment.

We have developed proven ways to get local customers to your site with an affordable program that has pinpoint accuracy of attracting customer in the market for your services who live in your area. However, the success of this process would be impaired without the right “front window” and not possible without one.