Despite the fact that we are a visual industry, most invitation suppliers primarily rely on showing invitation samples in albums. Invitation retailers sometimes make display boards that are hung on walls and windows. Occasionally, a prominent invitation display can help the customer form a preference at the beginning of their visit. This can save hours of time going through many albums to find “the one.”

A unique window display can attract customers who never knew your store existed as they pass in their car or on foot. There are different approaches to window displays from large posters that sometimes are manufacturer supplied to sample boards or actual samples that are hung with clothespins.

A strong display also helps the whole ambiance of the sales area. In a store that sells other services a strong display can also attract attention to that department. You probably have experienced this in restaurants where there are paintings on the walls that contribute to the atmosphere; sometimes, these paintings feature a particular artist and are for sale.

Every so often I come across services or products that may be helpful to you. I learned of an attractive product line by Purple Raincoat. It can enhance your invitation display on a wall or window (or even standing on a counter top). This also looks like a good add-on sale to invitations. Purple Raincoat is run by Carol Colman, a former invitation retailer who is making beautiful framed invitation collages as keepsake gifts that showcase invitations as works of art. After having some success retailing the product, the company is working toward launching a wholesale division. Even though she is the artist, her concept is to co-brand with your store so that you get credit for selling the art. To learn more or share ways that this concept would be attractive for you, you can reach Carol by email or by phone at 617-803-0366. Examples of her work are available on her website.

Custom Invitation Display Board

Here is an example of a custom invitation display created by Purple Raincoat.