I see many wedding businesses networking though online groups where they share bridal information and promote their own wedding services, and yes, it’s all free. The free wedding marketing information available at the click of mouse is more extensive than wedding industry books that you had to buy 10 years ago. As a matter of fact, two books I wrote that I charged as much as $125 for are available right on this blog for free. The bridal marketing, wedding industry insights from these books have helped many wedding photographers, videographers, invitation retailers, florists, limousine companies, bridal consultants and others with ideas that improved their business. However while the ideas are free, implementation of the best ideas require an investment.

What concerns me is this addiction to connectivity, spending too much time talking and not enough time doing. The internet has changed the way be do business but despite all the additional evolutions, the core to the success of a wedding business remains intact:

  1. Provide a quality service or have quality merchandise at a price your target market can bear and is profitable to your bottom line.
  2. Keep in touch with your customers to encourage referrals.
  3. Have a website that is an elegant reflection of your personal and company brand. Support your web site with a blog, facebook and twitter account that compliments the look of your site and has relevant content and entries.
  4. Make sure you that your web site is found prominently when customers in your local market search for the products and services you provide.
  5. Support your online presence with targeted off line advertising and marketing such as bridal shows, wedding magazines and networking with other wedding companies proactively.

Spend your time and money on these things first. All the rest can be on your “free time.”