I have never worked so hard in my life. Running Local Traffic Builder and putting The 21st Century Bride event together are two full time jobs. As it stands with about 40 days to go, we have a full schedule of wonderful speakers and supportive sponsors. In additional to industry notables like Alan Berg, Andy Ebon, Chris Jaeger and Robert Allen, we have a fresh group of speakers who have developed expertise in their unique areas such as Dina Eisenberg, Stephanie and Jeff Padovano, Anne Chertof and a special interview with Christine Dyer who has make a major industry impact with her blog BridalTweet.com. For a list of speakers and seminar descriptions, please go to The21stCenturyBride.com.

One of the things I am proud of is the attention we are paying to the details that make a quality event starting from the transportation. For train commuters who will get off at a stop 7-8 minutes from our venue, The Landmark in East Rutherford, we will have a luxury bus shuttle the attendees to the event and bring them back to the station after the event is over. Every day we are adding more and more ingredients which are a recipe for success. Hope to see you there if you are local or you can access it online via video stream.