A good human being looks for the inner beauty in another and does not judge a book by its cover. It is a totally different story behind a computer screen. So many wedding businesses are creative and do quality work, but the design of their websites do not reflect that beauty. There are two types of customers that visit your site:

  1. Those that know of you by referral or who may be responding to a print ad or have your business card from a bridal show. They will more likely to spend time exploring your site regardless of its appearance because an interest was pre-established.
  2. The much greater audience of people doing research online similar to the way people used to finger walk down the yellow pages. They click onto your site and if you do not make a strong first impression within a few seconds, they leave before you have a chance to prove your inner-worth.

The thought process should not be about the affordability of making your website as beautiful and eye-catching as you can for either audience. It is the about the affordability of missing the opportunity to impress so many potential customers that come to your website. Impressing browsers on the web is way more important than impressing a passerby who would look in your store window. This is because people who find your website are looking for the products or services you provide and are likely to be from the area you service.

A window shopper can just be a browser who will never be a customer. Who can afford to lose any customer that you are suited to service just because your website is not dressed properly? To see some sites that we feel stop passer-buyers in their tracks click here.