It is probably one of the most frustrating things your wedding business can face: receiving a negative public (aka online) review that you feel is totally unjustified. When the success of your business relies on the feedback you get from your couples and patrons, that one black eye can be a real morale deflator. There two ways, however, that you can deal with these negative reviews that will keep your business looking good, you feeling good, and to even allow you to make the most of the negative response.

Way One:

Manage the Reviews You Receive Take action by taking control of your public reviews, and balance those negative ones that do not accurately reflect the quality of the services you provide, with the positive ones. Remember, people are less likely to leave positive reviews than they are negative ones, if they are going to leave them at all. So, make it easy for them to leave reviews.

How to make it easy? Encourage all your customers to leave give you feedback on your website, as opposed to going directly to public review sites like Yelp. Programs like these easily create a system for you to use through your site and even through emails to solicit feedback. Once you receive the positive feedback, you can thank the reviewer by giving them a coupon and linking them to your public reviews on Yelp. If you receive negative feedback, you can seek to prevent them from going public with the review by being able to address it right away, and in private. The secret here is that you are being direct with your review request. Being proactive is advantageous. Not only will you encourage positive reviews, you will also be able to take control and rectify a negative review situation.

Way Two:

Take-Down Outright Defamation Sometimes negative reviews are truly unjustified, and even outright defamatory. There are things you can do, however, and our favorite wedding industry Legal expert, Rob Schenk, shares with you how here.