We’re not sure how many brides this number represents, but when The Knot’s Wedding Lookbook App was featured in the Wall Street Journal Online on January 31st, 1.6 million dress-views were reported. This was in just 24 hours. It might seem like The Knot is bragging but you can’t deny the facts. These numbers reflect a telling shift and critical trend in how brides are doing their research when it comes to dresses, and how they are making their choices.

So, what is happening? Or perhaps, more accurately, what’s “appening”?  The appeal of the Wedding Lookbook App  is the convenience, but also in how detailed a view one can get of a dress. The Wedding LookBook App allows a user to browse a staggering number of 5,000 wedding and 1,500 bridesmaid dress images, organized by designer, style, shape and price. A bride can also easily zoom in to see the smallest details, as well as share her picks on her social media pages, bookmark her favorites, and, perhaps most significantly, find a nearby salon that carries her top choices.

As Carley Roney, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of TheKnot.com, told the Wall Street Journal, “The easy experience and immediate connection between beloved dresses and salons has not only made The Knot Wedding Lookbook app a must-have for brides but equally addictive as well!” More like immediately addictive!